Mr. Debasish Ghosh

Mr. Debasish Ghosh

Debasish Ghosh finds his assignment challenging and is happy to be part of a back-office team 

“Sanjay-ji has great concern for all his staff and this humanitarian quality endears him to one and all.”

Debashish Ghosh, Deputy Manager, Marketing Support joined the Group in 2010. Today, he has helped to build up a team that is totally performance oriented and full of enthusiasm. He says, “Our task is back-office support for all real estate work – both commercial and residential. Our task includes customer liaison, follow-up on payments, drawing up agreements and all post sales work till the time the customer actually steps into his property. No assignment is too big or too small for my team!”

According to Debashish Ghosh, “Our team sets the tone for customer relationships and we have to be service oriented and helpful, however tough may be the challenge. All customers are not the same but we have to ensure that they are handled with utmost courtesy and politeness. Therefore, team work is very important and I have to ensure that all information is available to all the team members so that we talk the same language. I am involved not only with our properties in Kolkata but also in Bhubaneswar. “

Though he has no direct interaction with Mr Sanjay Jhunjhunwala on a day to day basis, Debashish Ghosh is quick to point out that “It is indeed difficult to find someone as energetic as our leader. Sanjay-ji has a grip on all departments and it is a privilege to work under his guidance. He is up-to-date with all information and the systems that he has created leave minimum scope for errors. He always wants us to go to him with a solution, not with a problem.” Debashish Ghosh reveals, “Sanjay-ji is always asking us to keep abreast of information relevant to our jobs. He has great concern for all his staff member and this humanitarian quality endears him to one and all.”