Mani Colleagues

Mr Pal Sandhu

“My assignment with the organisation is really to assist Mr Jhunjhunwala in all aspects of the company’s future growth. Also, I am looking forward to bringing up the entire design division to the latest international standards,” smiles Mr Pal Sandhu, President – Development, Mani Group. He reveals that he was brought up and educated in

Mr. Rajat Banerjee

There is a natural cool about Rajat Banerjee, Senior Manager – Marketing & Leasing! Nothing ruffles his feathers, no matter how difficult the situation and he handles all challenges with equanimity. As he says, “I am the only Trojan handling the allocation and sale of retail/commercial space in Mani Square.” From his early days in

Mr Brijesh Biyani

Mr Brijesh Biyani harbours an innate calmness that attracts you immediately to his fold. He is by nature gentle and calm. But that does not take away from the doggedness with which he tackles his various assignments. Mr Biyani’s association with the Group began in 2002 as a Consultant and he has seen the organisation

Mr. Prithiwiraj Mukherjee

Prithiwiraj Mukherjee is excited to see the Group grow from strength to strength over the years “Sanjay-ji is extremely organised and has a vast knowledge of all aspects of the real estate business. His curiosity to learn and gain knowledge is phenomenal. He is constantly thinking of the welfare of his employees but he is

Mr. Binod Khandelwal

Mr Binod Khandelwal is excited about the expansion of the Group’s hospitality projects “Sanjay-ji is a stickler for perfection and he expects you to come up with a solution rather than place a problem at his door. He insists that all of us think out of the box for the betterment of our individual and

Mr. Rajesh Chhaparia

Mr. Rajesh Chhaparia has the overall responsibility of looking after Mani Group’s accounts and audit “Sanjayji gives you an opportunity to improve on your skills every single day. With him at the helm, there is no end to learning. Though he makes allowances, he leaves us with little scope of making major errors.” As Company

Ms. Krishna Das

Krishna Das has been part of Mani Group since 1987 and after a short break is now happy to be back at her desk. “To have a boss like Sanjay-ji is a blessing. He is incomparable. He has a tremendous grasp over every aspect of the business and I have had the privilege to work

Mr. Shatrujit Dasgupta

Shatrujit Dasgupta loves to work under pressure and plan his tasks so that he is not afraid of any challenges “When I joined in 2003, I had a huge fear mingled with respect for Sanjay-ji. I know that he likes people who can solve problems and deliver. And he supports those who can face up

Mr. Sisir Kumar Ghosh

“Sanjay-ji is a perfectionist and I hope we have been able to keep this perfection in mind while creating Mani Tirumala. He is always asking us to add more value to any finished product so that the customer is pleased beyond expectations.” Sisir Kumar Ghosh, Senior Manager, Projects, is based in Bhubaneswar. Initially accepting an

Mr. P V Paulose

P V Paulose has seen Mani Group grow from strength to strength in the span of a decade. Mr Jhunjhunwala is a very hardworking person and his vision is absolutely clear. He has not forgotten his past and is always ready to acknowledge his path of growth. As a boss, he is straight-talking but kind.

Mr. Manish Saraf

Manish Saraf looks forward to each day at his job with terrific enthusiasm to overcome challenges  “From our principal business in housing, we are fast expanding into hospitality. We also have an increasing interest in retail, healthcare and education. It is all about looking at opportunities in projects that are beneficial to the health of

Mr. Saroj Kumar Roy Chowdhury

Saroj Kumar Roy Chowdhury is an ex-police personnel who finds his new assignment exciting and challenging “I report to Sanjay-ji and I am amazed by his capacity to work hard and lead his team with such enthusiasm. His reputation is impeccable and there is so much that we all have to learn from him.” As

Mr. Debasish Ghosh

Debasish Ghosh finds his assignment challenging and is happy to be part of a back-office team  “Sanjay-ji has great concern for all his staff and this humanitarian quality endears him to one and all.” Debashish Ghosh, Deputy Manager, Marketing Support joined the Group in 2010. Today, he has helped to build up a team that

Mr. Sanjoy Roy

Sanjoy Roy is keen to face the challenges of this particular business vertical of the Group and see it grow and flourish “Sanjayji is a person who never goes back on his promises and is a genuine human being who understands the problems of all his employees. It is surprising how much he knows about

Mr Atish Sankar Dey

feels that in his career spanning thirty-four years this is the best Company he has worked for. “Sanjay-babu is a man of great vision and I admire his ability to hold the team together. He is very organised and has all information on his fingertips. He is completely involved with each and every project we

Mr Mark Marshall

“I have always admired Mr Jhunjhunwala’s work. I am thrilled to be part of his team. In many ways my coming to Kolkata was a leap of faith. I am keen to bring in the latest international construction methods.” In many ways, Mr Mark Marshall, President, Development, is quite a revolutionary! His innate charm belies

Dilip Kumar Datta

It was, indeed, a propitious intervention of fate. Dilip Kumar Datta was shepherded into the fold of the Company much before Mani Group had been birthed! Today, as the oldest member of the Mani Parivaar, he has many interesting stories up his sleeves. “I had joined Mr Jhunjhunwala to supervise the Architecture Department in 1986-87,

Mr. Gautam Basu

His pleasing stance belies Mr Gautam Basu’s responsibilities as General Manager, Administration. He began his assignment in June 2005 to help with HR, Administration and Facility Management when there were not even 100 employees on the payroll. As Mr Basu points out, “Today, the Group is growing by leaps and bounds with almost 600 staff