Mr. Gautam Basu

Mr. Gautam Basu

His pleasing stance belies Mr Gautam Basu’s responsibilities as General Manager, Administration. He began his assignment in June 2005 to help with HR, Administration and Facility Management when there were not even 100 employees on the payroll.

As Mr Basu points out, “Today, the Group is growing by leaps and bounds with almost 600 staff members in various locations where all infrastructure is in place. Our areas of business have also diversified from real estate to retail, hospitality, healthcare and education and fresh avenues are being explored. All this has happened because of one man’s vision. Mr Sanjay Jhunjhunwala loves to take challenges and he has given the Group a dynamic direction. Whether it was with the construction of the malls in Kolkata and Jaipur that have international quality or real estate projects that display global standards of comfort and luxury, he is a true leader.”

Mr Basu says that it is a privilege to work with such a self-motivated trailblazer. The overall administration tasks in the Group fall under Mr Basu’s purview and he also looks after the Group’s involvement with the various business chambers and ASSOCHAM. This is a key area of his current assignment as general trends in business opportunities offered by state governments need to be understood for future business opportunities.

As Mr Basu reiterates, “If you just look at our malls you will see how much effort has been put in to make shopping a pleasurable experience. Not just the comfort of superb infrastructure but so many events and happenings keep footfalls alive and increasing day by day. Mr Jhunjhunwala has got the key units to deliver the goods as he has faith in the team. He believes in speed and accuracy in accomplishing every task as he is very much a man of perfection in details.”