Mr Pal Sandhu

Mr Pal Sandhu

“My assignment with the organisation is really to assist Mr Jhunjhunwala in all aspects of the company’s future growth. Also, I am looking forward to bringing up the entire design division to the latest international standards,” smiles Mr Pal Sandhu, President – Development, Mani Group. He reveals that he was brought up and educated in the United Kingdom. He has been a global player and worked in places as far-flung as Hong Kong and Abu Dhabi, where he was working for the ruling family.

Mr Sandhu is, by qualification, an ace architect and he has a special eye for design. “I have been a consulted with the Group but now, as a whole-time part of the team, I hope to look at professional and scientific solutions that conform to the best global benchmarks. I am happy to say that we have the vision and the ambition to get there as soon as possible and offer our clients truly world-class projects they can be proud of.”

It is important, according to Mr Sandhu, to be open to international influences that can help enhance local projects, be they in the area of design, safety, landscaping and aesthetics. He finds his new assignment a huge challenge and hopes to contribute to making Mani Group one of the best Groups in India.

“Mr Sanjay Jhunjhunwala has tremendous vision and drive. He knows exactly which path he wants to tread. And I would like to interpose to the legacy he wishes to leave behind. He is one of the few people I have met who seems to know about everything! He is keenly interested in design and construction, and all the allied parapernalia linked with the business. He has tremendous knowledge and is driven by the fact that he wants all his clients  to be more than satisfied with the products he delivers.” With his participation in the team, Mr Sandhu now wants to help the Group flourish.