Mr Pratik Khanna

Commercial Assistant to the CEO

It is an exciting and challenging task that Pratik Khanna has to perform at Mani Group. Over time, he has learnt to be alert and on his toes, knowing that he has to be up-to-date on all commercial information that may be needed to enhance a project report from the CEO’s office. As Pratik elucidates, “I assist Sanjay-ji in matters related to banking, accounts, projects and other financial matters entrusted to me. Yes, it is a tough task but I enjoy every minute of my assignment at the Group level. Much of my work is day-to-day coordinating and getting information that the CEO may need. All this end-to-end work is largely restricted to commercial information.”

Pratik Khanna has grown over the last five years since he joined the Group. As he puts it, “I feel that if you work hard and with a clear head, you have a definite path for growth in any organisation. I have certainly learnt a lot over time and have been witness to this growth in my own career. There are no shortcuts to completing a task but the fruits of a job well done are sweet!”

“Once I joined the CEO’s Secretariat, Sanjay-ji gave me more responsibilities and reposed his trust in me and in my ability to achieve given targets. Working under him has been a huge experience of learning. He is so thorough and precise in his thoughts and needs. Yes, he is a hard taskmaster, a meticulous perfectionist but this gives you excellent experience and the scope to gather knowledge. He is a very simple person and is ever-willing to share his experiences which give us an insight into problems and solutions in a practical manner. These encounters are more valuable than going to any business school! There has never been a time when I have not felt comfortable in his presence or when I have not asked him questions. He has a keen insight into every aspect of work and knows how to assess people. I hope to continue learning under the shade of his vast knowledge and experience.”