Albert Hall – Jaipur’s Unique Museum

When the foundation stone of Albert Hall was laid during the visit of the Prince of Wales, Albert Edward, to Jaipur in 1876, it had yet to be determined what use it would be put to. There were some suggestions about cultural or educational use or as a town hall. However in 1880 Maharaja Sawai

Calcutta Lanes – Timeless Magic

North and central Kolkata still sports some of the cityʼs typical lanes made famous in films like Parineeta, Kahani and Bow Barracks around the localities of Baghbazar, Shyambazar, Sovabazar and Bowbazar. These lanes have their own particular flavour harking back to times when the city came into being once the British traders arrived here to

Jal Mahal – A floating pleasure paradise!

On the way to Amer fort on the outskirts of Jaipur, floats the Jal Mahal palace in the middle of the Man Sagar Lake. Surrounded by the Aravalli hills on the north, west and eastern side, this unique palace was a hideaway and a pleasure garden meant for the exclusive pleasure of royal princes escorting

Serampore Palace

Haunted by the past The palace at Serampore has become famous after it was extensively used for the shooting of the popular Bengali film, BhooterBhobishyat. The town is several centuries old and has witnessed both the growth and decline of the feudal system, the coming of the Danes and their settlement and then a cultural

Dalhousie Square

Raj Nostalgia by Rain Photo Essay by Shreya Goswami Dalhousie Square is known today as BBD Bagh but it is still replete with Raj nostalgia, especially contained in some of the imposing buildings. St John’s Church was among the first public buildings erected by the East India Company after Kolkata became the effective capital of