Mani Colleagues

Mr Pratik Khanna

Commercial Assistant to the CEO It is an exciting and challenging task that Pratik Khanna has to perform at Mani Group. Over time, he has learnt to be alert and on his toes, knowing that he has to be up-to-date on all commercial information that may be needed to enhance a project report from the

Mr Shouvik Mandal

Head, Accounts Shouvik Mandal has an important role to play in the Mani Group. But he finds his assignment not only challenging but also creative and exciting. Joining the Group in 2014, he says that all through his life he has worked with private organisations. As he points out, “Mani as a Group has several

Mr Rajat Banerjee

Senior Manager – Marketing & Leasing There is a natural cool about Rajat Banerjee! Nothing ruffles his feathers, no matter how difficult the situation and he handles all challenges with equanimity. As he says, “I am the only Trojan handling the allocation and sale of retail/commercial space in Mani Square.” From his early days in

Mr Pal Sandhu

President – Development, Mani Group “My assignment with the organisation is really to assist Mr Jhunjhunwala in all aspects of the company’s future growth. Also, I am looking forward to bringing up the entire design division to the latest international standards,” smiles Mr Pal Sandhu. He reveals that he was brought up and educated in

Mr SchÖn Sarkar

Senior Vice President (Engineering), Mani Group The name is certainly unusual for a Bengali, but SchÖn Sarkar explains that his maternal grandfather, who has spent time in Germany, had christened him fondly with a Teutonic appellation. As Senior Vice President (Engineering), he has a demanding role to play at the Group’s numerous construction projects. For

Ms Parvinder Kaur Chadha

Asst Manager – Administration Parvinder Chadha finds her job ‘absolutely fantastic.’ Her innate enthusiasm and her bright and sunny disposition is her asset as she is never put down by any task, however mundane, assigned to her. There lies in her nature a keen ability to serve and give her best to her job. As

Mr Suresh Kumar Kedia

Chief Financial Officer, IQ City To be the Chief Financial Officer of a project as massive as IQ City well on its way to be realised is certainly not an easy task. And who should know this better than Suresh Kumar Kedia who wears this important hat? Dividing his time between Mani Group’s headquarters in

Mr Samiran Dasgupta

GM, Facilities for the Group & GM, Facilities & Administration for IQ City Samiran Dasgupta has his hands full though his tryst with Mani has recently begun. However, he finds his assignment challenging and reveals, “I try and make it to Durgapur at least once a week to meet my internal and external customers. It

Mr Abhisekh Agarwal

General Manager – Purchase, Mani Group, “The Purchase Department of Mani Group is centralised,” informs Mr Abhisekh Agarwal. “Every item used in our real estate business is indented through my department. Our businesses are located in different parts of India like Siliguri, Sikkim, Durgapur and Jaipur but all approvals have to come from Head Office