Mr Suresh Kumar Kedia

Chief Financial Officer, IQ City

To be the Chief Financial Officer of a project as massive as IQ City well on its way to be realised is certainly not an easy task. And who should know this better than Suresh Kumar Kedia who wears this important hat? Dividing his time between Mani Group’s headquarters in Kolkata and at Durgapur where IQ City is coming up, Suresh Kedia finds his assignment challenging and exhilarating.

He has come a long way since 2013, when he joined the Group and has been handling operational costs that run into crores of rupees. IQ City is an integrated project that encompasses residential quarters, a medical college with a hospital, retail, educational and recreational outlets that will make living within the premises a self-sufficient and unique experience.  The first phase of the residential venture is nearing completion and the medical college has already come into operation. All the hectic activity at Durgapur has Suresh Kedia commenting, “I have learnt a lot in a short span of time, overseeing the financial aspect of this challenging project. I have a great team to support me and I think Mani Group today has an impeccable reputation that is reflected so positively at the IQ City. I have tried to instill in my team a spirit of cooperation and positivity. Much depends on how you enjoy your task. And I can say in all honesty that I enjoy what I do immensely!”

Suresh Kumar Kedia says that he would not have been able to achieve his goals had he not received the unconditional support of Mr Sanjay Jhunjhunwala, CEO, Mani Group. “He has helped me a lot and his open-minded approach has given me many lessons to learn. Once IQ City is up and running, It will be a complete living experience. We are hoping that the first batch of residents will be able to occupy their homes soon. Sanjay-ji is always open to suggestions but a stickler for deadlines. And this helps to keep our mission in focus.”