IQ City Medical College Hospital, Durgapur celebrates World Health Day by an awareness camp among the students of Jemua Bhadubala Bidyapith

IQ City Medical College Hospital, Durgapur celebrates World Health Day by an awareness camp among the students of Jemua Bhadubala Bidyapith

World Health Day is celebrated every year on 7 April. In the face of the current pandemic, a polluted planet, and an increasing incidence of diseases,the theme for this year is ‘Our Planet, Our Health’.

IQ City Medical College Hospital in association with Jemua Bhadubala Bidyapith celebrated World Health Day in the School premises. More than 150 students ranging from Class 5 to 7 attended an awareness session, where doctors and medical staffs of IQ City Medical College Hospital advised the students about various Covid and general hygiene protocols they need to follow while attending classes as well as in social gatherings. As we all know that children below the age group of 12 are not yet vaccinated, following the basic Covid protocols are very important for them as precautionary measures along with their parents. Children are more open to the virus as they are not mature to handle the situation by themselves.

A talk on the topic ‘Healthy Mind Dwells in a Healthy Body’ shed light on the importance of healthy eating habits, adequate rest and personal hygiene. Students learned about common health problems, with an emphasis on good eating habits and the importance of sports & exercise in their daily lives, distinction between good and bad food. They also pledged to keep their mind and bodies healthy.

Students arranged a rally in the school premises holding placards with slogans ‘Our Planet, Our Health’, ‘Eat Right Be Bright’ and ‘Good Health Adds Life to Years’. They enthusiastically recited the slogans as they went around the School. Sapling plantation by students was some other activities that were pursued to reiterate the importance of World Health Day. Jemua Bhadubala Bidyapith Headmaster Mr. Jianul Haque also apprised the students to follow a healthy lifestyle.

Present doctors from IQ City Medical College Hospital Durgapur said ‘After reopening of schools, considering the risk factor, this is very important to look after the well-being of students, teachers, staff, and the wider community. We should help prevent a new outbreak of the latest variant XE of COVID-19 in the community. The use of masks is mandatory when a child is going to school, depending on their health condition and to restrict the transmission of the deadly virus within their community. Schools should also take adequate protective measures to reduce the risk of transmission and conduct periodical health talks and engage students in different activities to keep a healthy body and mind. Each child should be taught “HEALTH IS WEALTH”

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