Buildings are constructed by many but Mani Group helps us to make it our home. I must say that one of the best brands in this business is Mani. The final product is excellent and so are all the team members. They are co-operative and understanding. One of the best things about them is that they always deliver the promises that they make. I am a proud owner of two flats in Mani Karna. Seeing the response and experiencing a healthy environment there made us buy another flat in Swarnamani. The size and view of all the flats are wonderful and there is ample space for children to play.

Saroj Saria

Mani Karna and Swarnamani

It is good to have a flat in Mani Tirumala, one of the best residential projects in the city. Mani is a powerful brand name that delivers the best quality of construction. I am hopeful and confident that Mani Group will certainly leave a mark in the city of Bhubaneswar the way it is known in the eastern part of the country. I, my wife and children like the gated community here and are very excited to live here, enjoying every bit of comfort and luxury the project has to deliver. Above all, it is good to deal with the officials of Mani Group for their best attention and promptness. I wish Mani Group all the very best for its work and future endeavours.

Mr Harish Mohanta

Mani Tirumala, Bhubaneswar

IQ City, Durgapur has many wonderful advantages. It is ideally located away from the hustle and bustle of the city, surrounded by a serene and lush green environment. At the same time, it is not very far away from the main town. So, you have the advantage of being near and yet being far! IQ City is rapidly growing and taking the shape of an outstanding self-contained township that has excellent modern amenities. The jewel in its crown is the Narayana Hrudayalaya Hospital. It also has its own water purification plant, power back up and excellent security. We are really proud to be members of the IQ fraternity.

Ajanta Debabrata Sil

IQ City Durgapur

My experience with Mani Group has been nothing short of excellent. What made a difference is the personal care taken by the staff when we were deciding to buy an apartment at Swarnamani. For a woman, a home is her world and I was keen to choose an apartment that suited us. The support team at Mani Group were most helpful. The quality of their work and the high level of their attention to detail contributed in a major way towards building my dream home. I would highly recommend Mani Group and their projects like Swarnamani to other potential buyers who are looking for their own private havens!

Ms Kusum Toshniwal


My husband and I are extremely happy to have an apartment in one of the best projects of Mani Group, Mani Kala. It is nearing completion and seeing this happening before our eyes is very exciting as the project is superb. We will definitely try to buy one more apartment in any other projects by Mani Group because of the excellent quality, service and commitment. The Company’s staff that we have been dealing with have always been helpful and given us a lot of confidence. The journey with this Group has been splendid and we want to continue walking together!

Ms Shakuntala Sangai

Mani Kala

In my search for a home, I knew that I wanted to invest in a property that gave me what it promised. I am glad that Swarnamani on the E M Bypass in Kolkata has given me much more than I expected! Mani Group is one of the best real estate developers. They use the best architects for design and the best materials to build, so that when you move into your home, it feels very special. Also, the Group provides many other amenities like a state-of-the-art club house, a gym cum spa and banquet facilities that can be used by residents. I am extremely pleased to own a flat in Swarnamani, one of the finest projects of the Group. I like Mr Sanjay Jhunjhunwala’s attitude as I find him to be a very dynamic entrepreneur who delivers what he promises with a smile.

Mr Mukesh Harbhajanka


IQ City, Durgapur, is a grand sprawling complex with a state-of-the-art health and knowledge campus. It is a unique concept and I am glad that I have invested in. I have already visited IQ City hospital’s emergency department, which is excellent. I offer my congratulations to the management team for having an exceptional vision of offering health services to the entire community in and around Durgapur. Indeed, Mani Group has conceived a grand plan for a hospital, paramedical institutes, residential flats, a club and other allied infrastructure to make IQ City a comprehensive hub.

Dr Omesh Khurana

IQ City Durgapur

The speciality of Mani Group, I believe, is commitment, transparency and a quality of construction that is truly exemplary. The staff I have dealt with have always been courteous and given my queries close attention. This has instilled in me great confidence in the project. I firmly believe that Mani Tirumala is, indeed, going to be a landmark development in Bhubaneswar that will add to its glory. I feel extremely proud to be a part of this grand family by owning an apartment here. I extend my gratitude to everyone at Mani Group for bringing us such a wonderful residential venture. It is like a modern temple in Odisha, known for its ancient sanctuaries of worship!

Mr Vishnu Prabhakar Pathak

Mani Tirumala, Bhubaneswar

My baptism in the Mani Group family happened precisely on the day and possibly at the moment that the dreaded Aila storm lashed the city of Kolkata! That was the moment when I had inked the deal for buying into one of their upcoming properties in Kolkata. My experience has been immensely satisfying. The underlying philosophy of the Group, as it appears to me, is precision, quality and perfection. This is distinctly discernable at all levels of the organisation. The Company strives to achieve and deliver more than what they promise to their customers. In doing so, they are backed by a very efficient team of experienced professionals, strongly committed to their respective tasks.I am particularly pleased with the attention that I have received from all levels of the organisation and the patience with which my matters have been addressed. Team work, commitment to quality, unstinting support and invaluable guidance to customers makes Mani Group stand tall over many of the peers in this line of business.

Mr Keshavlal Mehta


Thanks to Mani Group’s attention to ‘extras’, the terrace is so beautifully finished that it is like being in a living room under the open sky. So now, we hold our parties on the terrace and our guests look forward to them even more.

Ms Rita Bhimani


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